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Price $60,000

Thunder is a 2016 AQHA dun , 15.3 gelding with a metalic golden color. He is just a MAGNIFICENT horse in every sense of the word. His beauty, his grace, agility and talent is rarely seen combined in one horse. He will shine wherever you take him and you can take him pretty much everywhere. At home he is loving, stands for the farrier or to get a bath, gets along with everybody and can be enjoyed by any level or age rider. If you take him in the mountains, you can pony a pack animal all day long and once arrived in camp, he can be tided to a tree, a high line or hobbled and set free to graze. Getting to your destination is easy and relaxing, he will cross rivers, downfall, rocks or any obstacle in front of him. On the ranch he has encountered elk, deer, bears, mountain lions, turkeys and we have fired guns off him. In the parade he will turn heads wether you carry a flag or not. In the arena he will excel in any direction you want to take him. You can take his bridle off and spin him, canter him and have a sliding stop. He has sorted cattle on the ranch and can rope a steer among the best. He has done working equitation and he walks without hesitation over swing bridges, tether totters or any obstacle on our trail course. If the obstacles are to high, you can just jump them. But most importantly, you will never be tired of riding him because he is smooth and comfortable in any gate.
I can go on forever about this guy. He is just simply awesome.
Thunder has returned assisting Tayler Sheridan and his crew in the filming of “Yellowstone” prequels and other productions.
For info please contact Stefaan at [email protected] or call 239-450-3505

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