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Tater is a beautiful 9 year old, 14.2 hands, Red Dun gelding with a loving personality that most people dream of owning a horse like him. He’s a son of Smart Like High Brow and Pep N Hickory Lena and has Smart little Lena, High Brow Hickory and Peppy San Badger in his bloodlines. You can put your grandmother or your youngest child on him and neck rein him one handed through the Rocky Mountains, the Southern desert or the parade in town. He recently rode the famous Salt Gras Trail in Texas taking care of a 75 yo lady and we he came home he took care of a 12 yo boy that had never been on a horse. Tater is great with dogs and you won’t have to peddle him. He has a ground covering walk and remains sure footed in any terrain. He will open gates, cross wood bridges, rivers, logs or deadfall. In the arena he will side pass, spin and has a hard stop. Whomever rides him will feel good riding him for hours on end because he’s smooth like a rocking chair in every gait. He loves to do cow work on the ranch and will head or heel for a team roper. We have also used him during hunting season to pack our gear or pony the pack mules and he has done lots of miles on the trails. When you arrive in camp, you can tie him to a tree or a high line. In the barn our horses are used to being showered and clipped and he stands great for the farrier. Leave him in the pasture for weeks on end, load him up in the trailer with ease and go ride, he will be the same every time. The lucky person to own this awesome horse will love him. He can be ridden by everyone in the family and he can do all the work that is asked from him.
Tater is selected by the prestigious Diamonds in the Desert Premier Horse sale in Reno, Nevada on June 25th, 2022.
If you would like more info, please call Stefan at 239-450-3505 or email at [email protected] or come try him out at our ranch.

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