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Spirit is a fun loving 4 year old Registered Friesian Sport Horse gelding that stands a stout 15.1 hands tall. This horse exudes personality and attracts attention wherever he goes due to his soft eye and handsome stature. He is a rich Bay color with the right amount of eye catching chrome. Spirit is a barn favorite and makes everyone laugh on a daily basis. Although he acts as the class clown, he never oversteps his boundaries because of his kind nature. He has excellent ground manners, ties, loads, stands for the farrier, hobbles and highlines. He is a great ride in the arena and his bold curiosity on the trail is priceless. He is sure footed and comfortable to ride. We have taken him in all kinds of terrain in the mountains and desert, across rivers, over jumps and through obstacles. We can’t find anything he won’t do. He is also trained to drive and rides Western or English. His demeanor is always calm, thinking, bomb proof and happy. The highlight of his personality is that he loves people and is SAFE SAFE SAFE! He will lay down for the elderly to get on him and also let the youngsters slide off his rump to dismount. Nothing seems to phase him and he is always eager to learn. Spirit is an excellent addition to any equestrian facility due to his versatility in many disciplines. You will never feel like riding him is work as he makes everything fun with his playful enthusiasm. He walks out well and is exceptionally responsive to cues. This horse already knows more and does more than most older horses and at such a young age he has the build, stamina and intelligence to continue to grow in any direction you desire. As a trainer, this is a horse you love to sell, because you can stand behind him. You own him, you will love him.
For more info, please contact Stefaan at 239-450-3505 or email us at [email protected]

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