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Doc is a one of kind, gentle, gorgeous 5 year old, 15 hand, Grullo gelding. He is a son of Legacies Dandy and April Heat. He is the most level headed horse I have ever owned and trained and will make any level rider happy.  Whether you ride him up above timberline in the Rocky Mountains, in the Arizona desert or through Main Street in downtown, Doc doesn’t spook and never loses his cool. His flashy looks and color will turn lots of heads. He neck reins with  two fingers and loves all aspects of ranch work. He has mainly heeled during roping, but can head as well and would make a great horse for a team roper and he also loves to sort cows. In the arena he will spin, side pass and has a hard stop. His versatility can make him excel in any discipline and he would make an excellent cutting horse. Doc is a fast learner for whatever direction you would like him to go. In a group he is comfortable in the front, the middle or the back and will just ride away from the group. He has packed out elk meat and racks, will cross rivers, wood bridges, logs, deadfall or go in any direction you point him and when you arrive, just tie him up on a tree, high line him or hobble him and let him graze. In the barn he’s used to being washed, groomed,   clipped  and he stands great for the farrier. All our horses are trained to be around dogs and load easily in and out of the trailer. Even after being laid off for weeks on end, he will be exactly the same. This is just simply a GREAT horse.

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