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Danny Joe


Danny Joe is a beautiful 4 yo, 15.3 hands Belgian/Palomino paint draft cross gelding with a beautiful white tail and mane. He is one one of the finest horses I have worked with and what one should simply call “Dream Horse”. He has a loving personality and loves attention without acting spoiled. He’s is an absolute athlete in the arena, where he will impress you with his jumping abilities, side passes, lead changes, etc. Wether you throw a tarp over him, a ball over him or under him, crack a whip, ride him with the American flag flapping in the wind, ride him through the kids park, Main Street or through the roughest terrain, nothing seems to phase this super chill boy. Ride him alone or in a group, he will always make you feel safe. Every gait you put him in is smooth and feels like shifting a gear that he will hold without further adjustment. He has been ridden all over the Midwest, the Rocky terrain of Big Bend, Tx, the New Mexico desert and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he crosses deadfall and wades through rivers, even on the rockiest of terrains where he has been exposed to al kinds of wildlife. Danny remains sure footed and can be ridden through the roughest terrain with 2 fingers. He was introduced to fox hunting and would make a perfect candidate for it. He will jump on a rock and stand there like a statue until you spin him around and jump back off. Danny can be ridden Western or English by any age and any level rider, he can be your dressage horse or your ranch horse, he will excel in whatever direction you take him. We recently took him on the renowned Salt Grass trail in Houston, TX where was exposed to wagons, sirens, loud music, gunfire, screaming kids, balloons, etc. If you would like to dress up and go for a comfortable drive through town, just put him infant of the cart. You can leave him in a large pasture with other horses, donkeys, mules or cows and just go get him. He stands for the farrier, loves to be groomed, gets in the trailer and backs out without hesitation. If you are looking for the horse of a lifetime, look no further.

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